An inspector calls

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An inspector calls

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While the Birlings and Gerald Croft are celebrating the engagement of Sheila and Gerald, an inspector called. He said that his name was Goole and that a young girl had just died in the infirmary. The young girl’s name was Eva Smith. Goole wanted to question Mr Birling. He showed him a photography. Mr Birling said that he had fired Eva Smith because she was one of the leaders of a strike, who asked for more wages=(salaire) (before 22,6 shillings and they asked for 25). Next Sheila recognised Eva, as the shop assistant at Milwards. Sheila had Eva fired from Milwards because she was jealous of Eva, who fitted in a dress better than Sheila did.
After that Eva went to work in The Palace (a pub) and met Gerald. She felt in love with him but he wasn’t in love with her. Gerald took pity of her and found her a lodging for some months. She became his mistress. A few months later they broke up friendly and Eva went away for 2 months. When she came back, she met Mr Birling’s son Eric, and soon she was expecting his son. It was the end of 1911 and the beginning of 1912. Eric stole some money from his father to give to Eva, but when she found out she refused to take any more money. Eva went to ask for help to the association for women in distress, in which Mrs Birling was a very important member. Mrs Birling refused to help Eva and imposed the other members to do the same. Having been turned out several times by the society, Eva committed suicide in April 1912 by swallowing disinfectant. After having questioning each member of the family and had their confession in return, the inspector left the family. Gerald, who was going out for a walk, returned and said to Mr Birling that Goole wasn’t a real inspector because: all the photographs that the family saw could be different. A policeman told him that there was no inspector named Goole in the police. Mr Birling phoned up Colonel Robert and asked him who Goole was. The Colonel answered him that he didn’t know any Goole. A few minutes later Mr. Birling phoned the infirmary and asked them if a young girl was dead by swallowing disinfectant but the answer was no. The Birlings and Gerald were very happy because it wouldn’t be a public scandal and Mr. Birling could have his knighthood. At the end the phone rang. It was the infirmary saying that a girl had just died and an inspector was on his way to question them.

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