Great expectations de Charles Dickens (ch.13-14) [Ang]

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Great expectations de Charles Dickens (ch.13-14) [Ang]

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I’m going to summarize the chapter thirteen and fourteen. First I’m going to speak about the chapter thirteen. Before having breakfast with his guest Pip goes out of the building for a walk because he wakes up early. He worries that somebody has discovered the convict in his house.

During the breakfast Pip has a conversation with Abel Magwitch, his guest who is the convict. Abel Magwitch wants to stay by Pip and wants to give him a lot of thing, even money.

Pip wants to keep him safe until Herbert comes back. He rents a room for Abel; he buys him clothes and has his haircut. However Pip worries that someone still can recognize Abel. For Pip the few days he has spent with Magwitch seems to be a very long time because he wonders all the time what Abbel could have done bad in the past. So Pip is happy when Herbert comes back again.

Herbert doesn’t like the convict. For Herbert Abel is a criminal and he must be stopped. However Herbert is aware that Abel is violent and that he could allow himself to be arrested and hanged; Pip would feel guilty. So Herbert wants to help Pip by getting Abel out of England.

At the end of this chapter Magwitch tells Pip and Herbert his past. The convict was a partner in Compeyson’s dirty business. They persuade rich people to invest their money with them. When they were arrested Abel got fourteen years on the prison-ship but Compeyson got only seven years because he has always known how to speak and how to manipulate people. That is why Abel hazes Compeyson and feels betrayed.

Now, I’m going to speak about the chapter fourteen. Before taking Magwitch abroad. Pip feels that he must see Estella and Havisham. When he visits Estella’s London home, he finds she has gone to stay with Miss Havisham.
Before walking to Miss Havisham’s, Pip goes to the hotel for breakfast. It’s an unpleasant shock to discover Bentley Drummle there. He is so angry with him and so depressed about his future that he cannot eat his breakfast.

After he goes to the old house. Pip finds Miss Havisham and Estella sitting in the same room. He has discovered who has been paying for his education. Pip would like to help his friend Herbert become a partner in his company. Pip has started paying for this himself two years ago and he wants to keep it a secret from Herbert but Pip realizes that he cannot continue the payments.

Pip loves Estella. He loves her since he first saw her in this house. Estella is going to marry Bentley Drummle. However Pip doesn’t want Estella to marry Bentley at all. Pip thinks that even if she won’t marry him, there must be other a thousand times better than Drummle. Estella cannot marry a man who expects her to love him.
It’s all over; Pip walks all the way back to London. A night-porter gives Pip an envelope. It’s write “DON’T GO HOME.”.

"Qui donne ne doit jamais s'en souvenir. Qui reçoit ne doit jamais oublier."


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