Animal Farm

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Animal Farm

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Chapter 1
Old Major told them men were enemies, and incited them to rebellion + Beasts of England + comrades.

Chapter 2
Moses talked about ‘Sugarcandy Mountain ’, where there were no work and food +The rebellion happened in June, as the animals underfed and the farm neglected. Mr Jones, Mrs Jones, his men and Moses were chased away +Snowball changed Manor farm to Animal farm. + Principles of Animalism: The 7 commandments. (1)Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy (2)Whatever goes upon 4 legs, or has wings, is a friend (3) No animal shall wear clothes (4) No animal shall sleep in a bed (5) No animal shall drink alcohol (6)No animal shall kill any other animal (7) All animals are equal

Chapter 3
Harvest=(récolte) was a success, animals were happy. Boxer (I will work harder), only Benjamin did not change. + S. made a green flag painted with a hoof and a horn in white + the animals were stupid. S. reduced the commandments to ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’. + sheep + equality is broken pigs can eat apples / milk.+ Napoleon took away Jessie & Bluebell’s 9 puppies.

Chapter 4
S. and N. sent out pigeons to spread out news of the rebellion. + The other farmers were first amused, then worried that their animals would do the same. + rumours +In October, Jones and some men attacked the farm (sticks + 1 gun) The animals celebrated their victory and created military decoration ‘Animal Hero, First Class’ for Boxer & Snowball, ‘Animal Hero, Second Class’ for a dead sheep. Battle of the Cowshed – October 12. Anniversary of Rebellion – Midsummer day.

Chapter 5
Mollie ran away to the other farm + Snowball and Napoleon never agreed with each other, on all subjects. (Windmill/ more food) & (guns/stir the rebellion). + The animals had to vote during assembly, but N. chased S. away by ordering his dogs to attack S. + Squealer convinced the animals that Napoleon worked hard to serve them, and that Snowball was a criminal + Soon, Napoleon announced that they had to build the windmill. Squealer explained that it was Napoleon’s idea. He was opposed to it as a tactic to get rid of Snowball.

Chapter 6
All the year the animals worked like slaves, even on Sunday afternoons for the windmill. Stone from quarry + Boxer’s slogans: ‘I will work harder’ and ‘Napoleon is always right’ + Soon the animals found they needed other things they could not produce, such as seeds, manure, tools, machinery. Napoleon decided to trade with other farms: selling hay & eggs + Squealer convinced the animals that they never made rules against trade. + (4) no animal must sleep in a bed with sheets +In November, the windmill was destroyed by a storm (not thick enough). Napoleon said it was Snowball. He decided to build a new, stronger windmill.

Chapter 7
No food in January. Mr Whimper inspected farm. Hens had to give 400 eggs a week. A rebellion was led by 3 hens + In spring the animals were told Snowball came back to the farm at night to do bad acts + Squealer told the animals that S. was in league with Pinchfield farm and that he was Mr Jones’ secret agent + Boxer began to doubt that Snowball was a traitor. During an assembly, the dogs killed 4 pigs, 3 hens, 1goose(oie), 3 sheep, and attacked Boxer (6) no animal shall kill any other animal without cause + Squealer:‘Beasts of England’ was abolished.

Chapter 8
Napoleon had many titles & was heavily guarded for his security. +Sell timber to Pinchfield or Pilkington+ His relation with Pilkington was almost friendly + in summer, rumours: (1) Pinchfield will attack (2)his cruelty to his own animals + in autumn, windmill finished (Napoleon Mill). In a meeting, Napoleon announced that timber was sold to Pinchfield. All the rumours about him were untrue. 3 days later, Mr Whymper discovered that Pinchfield paid with false bank notes for the timber. The next morning, Pinchfield attacked Animal Farm. Pilkington refused to help. The new windmill was destroyed. It was called ‘Battle of the Windmill’. Napoleon created a new decoration, ‘Order of the Green Banner’, for himself + the pigs drink whisky (5) no animal shall drink alcohol to excess. Napoleon wanted to sow barley.

Chapter 9
Celebration + build 3rd windmill + rations reduced (readjustment) + lot of babies pigs, pigs can wear green ribbons (3) +Moses come back + Boxer fell down, the slaughterer’s van came (Alfred Simmonds)+ another case of whisky.

Chapter 10
Muriel, bluebell, Jessie, Pincher, Jones were dead. + no animal had ever retired+ more animals+ windmill built, need another windmill+ farm grew richer+ new song “ 4legs good, 2 legs better+ 1 commandment all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than other. + pigs wear clothes, read newspapers, use telephone + farmers came, play cards, drink + suppression of the name, Sunday tradition, comrades, hoof and horn on the flag. + no differences between pigs and men.

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