The Body de King (ch.1-21) [Ang]

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The Body de King (ch.1-21) [Ang]

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Chapter 1

The most important things are the hardest things to say. The number of words in your head is unlimited but when you try to say something important, it seems ridiculously usual. It’s dangerous to say to say what’s really important because if somebody wanted to harm you it would be easy. It’s difficult to talk about these things because it arises some emotion and that leads to misunderstanding.

Gordon Lachance was twelve when he saw a dead person. It happened in 1960. He keeps making the same nightmare about what he witnessed.

Chapter 2

The boys are part of a club and they meet in a tree house. The club is made of 5-6 regulars but sometimes other boys come to play cards for money.
The young men don’t only play cards; they also smoke and watch girlie books.
It’s the end of summer just before the school starts again.
One day, Vern, one of the regulars came to the tree house and asked whether the other ones could camp out tonight. Vern asked the others if they wanted to see a dead body.

Chapter 3

The dead boy’s name is Ray Brower. He’s the same age as the other guys. He’s lost since 3 days. He went to pick up wild fruit and has never come back. His mother called the police and the search started but nobody has found him. The boys know that the boy is dead and people search for him in the pools and lakes.

Chapter 4

As Vern was trying to find the Jar of pennies he had buried 4 years ago, he heard a conversation between his big brother Billy and his friend Charlie. They were talking about a corpse they had found in Harlow district. They don’t want to tell the police because to get to Harlow District they have stolen a car.
Vern goes to the tree house to tell the others about the dead body.

Chapter 5

The boys decide to go and see the body.
Chris thinks that the boy died because he was lost in the forest and that he got hit by the train while he was following the railway tracks.
The guys think it will make them famous.
Gordon thinks it’s a good idea because they could report the body so that Billy won’t have to worry anymore about the stolen car.

They all lie to their parents about supper.

Chapter 6

Description of Gordon’s family

Chapter 7

Gordon prepares his stuff and his money. On his way to the clubhouse, he meets Chris who looks excited.
Chris takes him to an alley between two shops and shows Gordon the gun he has taken from his father’s desk. Chris ensures him that the gun doesn’t have any bullets in it.
Gordon wants to play with the gun and pretends to shoot garbage tin but the gun has a bullet in it. Chris laughs and starts to scream. Gordon grabs him and the boys run to Carbine Street.
Chris pretends he didn’t know that there was a bullet in the gun.
As it’s nearly twelve, the boys decide to go. They expect to have between 20 and 30 miles to walk and plan on being back the next afternoon.

Chapter 8

At midday they realise that they have forgotten to buy food. They decide to buy some after they have reached the dump.
As they are crossing the railway tracks, Teddy wants to wait the very last second to move. Gordon grabs him, pushes him over the edge. Teddy is angry at Gordon for saving his life.

Chapter 9

The boys reach the dump. They decide somebody has to go get some food. They decide to spin coins and Gordon is the one who gets heads. The other ones promise to wait for him but he is terribly afraid.

Chapter 10

On his way back to the dump Gordon meets Milo and Chopper. Milo Pressman is the manager of the dump, and Chopper is his dog. The dog has a really bad reputation; rumours say he’s a monster, enormous, crual and ugly. Chopper attacks Gordon but he runs and jumps over the fence. Teddy laughs and starts to rouse (provoquer) the dog. Milo gets mad at them and asks him to stop.
Teddy continues, so Mister Pressman starts to scream at Teddy. He says unpleasant things about Teddy’s father. Teddy and Milo get more and more angry at each other. Gordon tries to talk Teddy away from the dump. The boys use the fact that Milo said bad things about Teddy’s father to make him doubt (douter) and they flee.

Chapter 11

Gordon is worried because Milo could go to the police. Teddy starts crying and the other ones comfort him. Gordon doesn’t understand Teddy.
They all admit they are afraid.

Chapter 12

The guys decide to cross the bridge instead of going around it. While they are crossing the bridge, a train comes and as the bridge is too narrow they have to run and step off the bridge.

Chapter 13

The boys decide to stop to make camp and get wood before dark. They talk about their futures, and Chris tells Gordon that they won’t be the four of them together anymore, because Gordon will be on the college courses and the others on the shop courses.
Chris talks about Gordon’s gift for writing and gets angry about Gordon’s father, who doesn’t encourage his son.
Chris expresses his fear about the fact that Gordon might want “the loser’s life”, a boring life with usual things. He doesn’t want Gordon to stay with Chris, Teddy and Vern because it will drag him down.
Chris explains the story of the milk money, he says that he stole it but gave it back to a teacher, Mrs Simons, who used it to buy herself a new skirt. When Gordon suggests that Chris goes into the college courses, Chris explains that it’s going to be difficult because it’s the people in the school office that decide everything. So he wants to go to the college in another city, far from Castle rock, far from his brother and where people don’t have prejudices about him.
Gordon says he should try but Chris says that Vern and Teddy drag him down.

Chapter 14

They set the camp about 10 miles from where they think the body lies. They start a fire, eat, smoke and talk about fishing and sport, summer and teachers. Gordon thinks about Ray, and he realizes that he’s all alone, dead…

Chapter 15

The boys wake up in the middle of the night because they hear a long and hollow scream. Teddy says that it must be Ray’s ghost. Chris thinks that it’s a wild cat. Teddy wants to go look for the ghost.
They want to run back to Castle rock but they are stuck in the forest. Chris suggests they keep guard. Gordon falls asleep and he makes a dream in which Mrs Cote asks Chris to repeat a poem. Chris tries to explain that Mrs Simons took the milk-money but Mrs Cote doesn’t want to listen and Chris drowns. He asks Gordon for help and then gets dragged under again. Vern and Teddy are already under water, and they are holding Chris. Chris comes out of the water but Vern and Teddy pull him down. Gordon doesn’t do anything and swims to the shore.

Chapter 17

They find a pool and decide to have a bath in it. They play in the water until they realize that they are covered with leeches.

Chapter 18

They realize that it’s still far away and that their parents must be worrying about them but they decide to continue.

Chapter 19

Chris’ brother’s gang knows about the body and that they are already on their way.

Chapter 20

They find the dead body. Gordon realizes that he doesn’t want to see the body. He’s surprised that the body isn’t in a million pieces. Instead, the body is almost undamaged (intact). Gordon becomes aware of the fact that the boy is really dead and that he won’t be able to enjoy the things normal teenagers do. He understands that Ray Brower has no future.
The boys turn the body face up. Ace Marill arrives and asks “What have we got here?”

Chapter 21

Ace Merill, Rich “Eyeball” Chambers (Chris’ brother) and the rest of the group arrive. Chris starts to try to make his brother leave but Rich says that he and his friends are going to report the body. Gordon is mad, because they came in cars and it’s not fair because it was hard for the boys. Billy discovers that Vern overhead the conversation between him and Charlie.
Ace tries to use Gordon’s intelligence to make the boys go away but he mentions Denny which makes Gordon furious. Instead of telling Ace about what they had to go through to get to the body, he simply tells Ace to “go to hell”. Teddy is amazed and Gordon notices that Chris is searching for something in his backpack. Ace says that he wants to beat Gordon. At the moment when the two groups start to fight, Chris shoots in the air with his father’s gun. Chris and Rich engage in a fight about the gun, they threaten each other. Ace finally obeys to Chris, because he has the gun.

"Qui donne ne doit jamais s'en souvenir. Qui reçoit ne doit jamais oublier."


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