The Sound Machine by Roald Dahl

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The Sound Machine by Roald Dahl

Message par quentin le Mer 2 Déc 2009 - 3:19

Klausner goes into a hut in the garden at the back of the house. In the hut there is a black box which is three feet long. It is in the shape of a child’s coffin. The box is on the wooden bench, with wires, batteries and small tools that are sharp.

Klausner works on the box. There is a mass of wires which are of different colours and silver tubes. He takes the paper beside the box and examines it carefully and works on the box, moving his fingers among the wires. He tests the connection of the wires and refers to the paper on and off. He does this and checks each of the wires. This goes on for about an hour.

Klausner twiddles the three dials on the front of the box while noticing the movement of the mechanism that is inside the black box. He speaks to himself softly as he continues to work with his fingers moving inside the box. He is in deep concentration which shows the urgency of him wanting to finish whatever he is doing.

As he is working, the door opens and Scott, who is his doctor, walks in. He wants to check on Klausner’s throat but Klausner says that his throat is fine. But the doctor wants to check his patient’s throat anyway. Klausner resists by telling him that his throat is quite cured.

The doctor notices that Klausner has his hat on the black box. He is curious about the box and asks Klausner whether he is making a radio. The doctor remarks that the inner parts of the box are complicated. The doctor says that the invention is a frightening thing to him.

Klausner is evasive. He explains that the box has to do with sound. He goes on telling that he likes sound. The doctor becomes even curious and wants to know what the inside of the box does.

Klausner has difficult in explaining in the beginning. Then he explains that the theory is very simple. The human ear is not able to hear all the sounds, especially sounds that have high pitch and low pitch. The human ear is unable to hear a note with more than fifteen thousand vibrations a second. He explains further that a dog is able to hear the sound of a high-pitched whistle while humans are unable to.

Klausner tells the doctor that the higher the notes get, it becomes difficult for human to hear them. The succession of the notes can multiply to the point of infinity or eternity. Klausner believes that there is a whole world of sound that the human ear cannot hear. This world of sound is within the human’s hearing capacity and provides various possibilities. Klausner thinks that the sounds that the human ear cannot detect may be the creation of a new exciting music which is indeed powerful.

The doctor is still not convinced that it is possible to hear all the sounds. He remains skeptical. Klausner gives an example of a fly on a roll of copper wire which is on the workbench. The fly may be producing sounds that the human hear cannot detect. The sound may be of a whistle, a bark, a croak, or the fly is simply singing a song. The fly has a mouth and a throat. It is not impossible for it to produce sounds.

The doctor asks klausner whether the machine on the table is able to help detect the sounds. Klausner replies that the machine probably would he is goning to try the machine again, as he has not been luky so far

He has made some changes to try the machine so that it’s is able to detect sound vibrations that are too high –pictched for the humain ear. It is able to transform the high –pitched notes to sounds that are able to be detected by the humain ear.It functions like a raido when it is tuned

The doctor is still unclear on the function of the machine. Klausner explains that by adjusting the machine to a certain frequecy the squeaking of a bat at about 1000 vibrations a second can be heard. It is possible to hear the sound with the sound machine and distinguish what note it is. The doctor looks at the strange box and asks Klausner if he is going tou try it at night.Klausner says he would try i tat night and the doctor wishes him good luck. the doctor thanks his patient for letting him know about this machine and he went out.

Klausner continues to work on his invention and wishes to try the machine. He takes the sound machine out into the garden and puts it on a small wooden table. He fixes the earphones to connect them to the machine. He is uncertain the machine would work and has to console and encourage himself.

He sees his neighbor , she is cutting a flower Klausner suddenly hears a sharp shriek which is frightening. He looks around to see if the person who has scream is around. he only sees the woman in the next door garden. He feels that is definitely not her who has shriek.
He is curious and searches where the cry comes from and he notices her cuttinf the stem of a rose using a pair of scissors he hears the shriek again. The sound is heard the exact time the stem is cut.

Klausner calls out for mrs saunders his voice is not only high but also loud that she is shocked. He asks her to cut another rose. First she hesitant and after she do what he asks her and he heard again the same voice

He try to tell her that he hears the flowers scream when she cuts them. he asks her if she knows that the flowers scream and she replies that she does not.He questions her if she konws that the flowers go through as much pain as a person’s wrist is cut with a garden cutters. Mrs Saunders runs back in to the house.

In the morning, he takes out the box from the hut and heads to the park. He looks around and spots a tree. He places the box next to the tree trunk aiming at its base. It is a strong blow and as it lands on the tree trunk he hears a peculiar sound. It is different from the sound he has heard previously.

He feels sorry to see the cut on the tree trunk which he has caused he tries to close the cut.
He requests persistently for the doctor to come the doctor was sleeping he thinks that klausner is ill.

The doctor appears and klausner takes him immediately to the park to hear the sound.
He asks the doctor to put on the earphones, which the doctor willingly does. Klausner gets ready to strike the tree with the axe . the doctor and klausner stand at the place and watching the branch falling down.
The doctor shouts to klausner to run quickly. Teh doctor has removed the earphones and runs fat to escape from the falling branch. and klausner escapes in the nick of time. The branch falls on the machine and breaks it into bits

But klausner is not bothered about it . he is more interested to know if the doctor hears anything when he lands a blow on the trunk of the tree with the axe. The doctor replies that he hears nothing and that he is not sure of what he has heard. Klaunser gets impatient and continuously asks the doctor to describe the sound. The doctor is not pleased with klausner asking him what he has heard over and over. He tells klausner that they better leave the place.

Klausner asks the doctor to stitch the tree the doctor feels in danger. but he tells klausner he cannot stitch through wood. Klausner tells him to apply iodine instead. First the doctor find this idea rediclos but he agrees to paint the cut with iodine .klausner observes the doctor doing it still holding on to the axe.

Klausner wants the doctor to come again the next day and have a look at the two wound on the tree.he also wants him to apply more iodine. The doctor agrees to come back the nex t day and apply iodine if it’s necessary.
Klausner feels happy and drops the axe to the ground. The doctor approaches him holds his arm gently and says that they better leave. They walk back to the house

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Re: The Sound Machine by Roald Dahl

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Merci bien !

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