The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

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The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

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The Giant owns a large lovely garden with flowers, twelve peach-trees and birds. Since he went to visit a friend (the Cornish Ogre), the children play in his garden every afternoon.
After seven years, the Giant decides to come back. He’s not happy to find the children in his own garden, so he forbids them to come back and builds a wall around it.
The children miss playing in the garden. Then the Spring comes all over the country, but it’s still Winter in the Giant’s garden. The Snow and the Frost enjoy the Giant’s garden, and they invite the North Wind, which invites the Hail.
The Giant wonders why the Spring is so late. The Winter stays for a year.
One morning, the Spring decides to come because the children came back. They are sitting on the branches of the trees who are happy to have the children back and are covered with blossoms.
But in one corner, it’s still winter. A little boy is trying to reach the tree but he’s too short. The Giant puts the little boy on the tree because he realises how selfish he has been and he knocks down the wall. The little boy kisses the Giant, which reassures the other children.
They play all day long in the Giant’s garden and when they come to the Giant to say goodbye, the little boy isn’t here anymore. The other children say he has gone away and that they don’t know where he lives.
The little boy never comes back and the Giant gets old as years go over.
One morning he sees a tree covered with blossoms in his garden, with the little boy. It surprises him because it’s winter. He runs downstairs to the child and gets mad because the child’s hands are wounded. (Print of nails).
The little boy invites the Giant in his garden, the paradise.

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